I’ve been struggling lately. I’m doing the things and getting the help and being accountable and all of that, but, honestly, this little guy is doing most of the work. So if I turn down plans because I just want time at home with my dog, please don’t be insulted. Know that he is keeping me safe and warm and reminding me to drink water and take time to play. Exercising him keeps me from staying in bed for too long and training him keeps me out of my own head. I’m also fortunate to have a job I love and am happy to get up and go to every day, where it just so happens that I get to exercise and train and love even more dogs. So even though I’m having a hard time, it’s not the hardest time, and I am better-equipped to handle it than I have been in a really long time. So thank you for your patience and love and understanding and know that you can never send me too many dog pics.

Life I Imagined @elizabeths